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Friday, October 10, 2008

Meet Mrs. Redmond

This pleasant photograph of Mrs. Thresa Davin Redmond was taken in 1918 by students of Everett School working on a community history project. She probably put on the blouse and scarf over her day dress to look more presentable for her young visitors. The students wrote: “It is a pleasure to visit Mrs. Redmond. She is so lovable, active, and quick witted, a laugh as ringing as a girl’s, and a keen sympathetic interest in her friends and neighbors."

Mrs. Redmond was born, Thresa Davin, in Meehan’s Settlement, July 15, 1838. The area was named for Michael Meehan who lived in Section 18 of Deerfield Township on Corduroy Road.

The name, Thresa Redmond, does not appear in county census records. However, there is an Anne Redmond living on Telegraph Road, born in 1839. Knowing that errors and variations on names were common in census records, it is possible that Thresa and Anne were the same person.

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Gunk said...

I am connected by ancestry to Michael and Catherine Sutton Redmond, who bought Bartholomew Boylan's farm in 1850. This Mrs. Thresa or Ann, "Davin", born circa 1838-1839, also had her name spelled as DEVON, and married one of the Redmond children in about
1855. Years later, she gave a comprehensive newspaper interview, still in circulation, in which she mentioned the Michael Redmond farm purchase, among many other things, which gave me my first clue as to when the original Redmonds came over from County Wexford to Lake County.