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Local author and historian. Diana Dretske has explored the history of Lake County, Illinois through published books. View the available printings below and order your copy today!

The Bonds of War by Diana Dretske reveals the common soldier from the cataclysm that is the American Civil War. A photo in the Dunn Museum's collections inspired the author to uncover the remarkable story of five immigrants to Lake County, Illinois, who enlisted in the 96th Illinois Infantry. Winner of an Award of Excellence from the Illinois State Historical Society. Available at and the museum's gift shop.

Illustrated history of Lake County by Diana Dretske. 100 pages of color photos and stories. Available through museum's gift shop.

History of the U.S. Army Post at Fort Sheridan by Diana Dretske. Features photos from the Dunn Museum's Fort Sheridan Collection. Available at Amazon and museum's gift shop.

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