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Friday, June 20, 2008

Vanished Airfields

A researcher called the Archives looking for information on the defunct Chicagoland Airport once located in the Half Day/Lincolnshire area. After checking the newsclipping files and finding only a couple of references, I remembered a website I had stumbled across doing research on the Haley Army Airfield at Fort Sheridan.

The website Abandoned and Little Known Airfields is a fantastic source for vanished airports throughout the country. And indeed, the site had a good deal of information, maps and aerial photos about the former Chicagoland airport which began its life as a U.S. Navy flight training airfield about 1945.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this link and info. I remember hearing of this field.

Bill T said...

My dad Bill Till used to fly out of Chicagoland Airport in the late 50's and early 60's. His friends John Drew, Troy Dobbs, (who had a Stearman there), and Bob Sanobri who owned a restored P-51 Mustang that was tied down there at the time, all flew there as well. I was only 10 years old at the time. But I remember Sunday afternoons at the airport very well.

Unknown said...

My Dad Art Schelter (1904 - 1985) built + operated Chicagoland Airport Inc, 1947 - 1978
I have countless photos of the Airport, a flying school, Piper Aircraft Dealership,
+ home to hundreds of private aircraft. Today the land makes up Lincolnshire Corporate
Center; Schelter Road runs thru. it from IL. Highway 22 to Aptakisic Rd.

Mike Schelter Phoenix AZ.

Unknown said...

I began flying at Chicagoland Airport in 1972 when I was a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. My father George learned to fly there too.

I remember flying on nice weekends and planes were everywhere lined up for takeoff and in the pattern. Seems GA was far more dynamic back then. Miss those days!

After about 1975 we began flying out of Waukegan at the Stick and Rudder Flying Club. I was able to work on more advanced ratings at UGN and lost ties with good old 3CG!

Ray Tiedeman
Geneseo IL

Unknown said...

WOW, this brings back so many great memories. Started my initial flight training at 3CG in December 1973 with the Civil Air Patrol. What great place, and the coolest FBO in the old house there. My Mom had to drive me as I didn't have my drivers license yet, and she would spend hours in there while I flew, writing letters. Great times, great people!

Dave Bottom

Greg Seznak said...

What a cool airport that was. The people were all friendly there. I flew out of Palwaukee, but did my check ride and my license at Chicagoland. I met world famous aviator Max Conrad there. We hung out and did sone "hangar flying", and he autographed his book for me. I muss that airport. It was an all American awesome place with some interesting planes there too. Most of all, the people who ran it were great. Greg Seznak

Unknown said...

My friend Mark Scheele and I worked at Chicagoland in the mid 60's as line boys. We were in High School at the time. Mark and I both learned to fly at Chicagoland. Bob Saxx was one of our notable instructors. As a High School kid I had the best job in the world, fueling airplanes, cleaning airplanes, flying airplanes and all that went with running a small airport. Art Schelter was one of my all time favorite men. Ginney Schelter kept all of us in line.

Rick Schermerhorn
Portland, OR

Anonymous said...

My brother went to flying school there from 1973-1975. I would watch him practice and sometimes I went up with him.

Anonymous said...

I was a line-boy at Chicagoland in the mid 60's; it was my first job while in high school. I also learned to fly there. I have very fond memories of that time.

Anonymous said...

I and my family flew with my father, Jack Siekmann, out of Chicagoland Airport from about 1972 - the early 80’s (the backend is “fuzzy” to me . . ?) 1st in a “T-Bone” (Twin Bonanza) N4349Delta and a subsequent Cessna 310 (a good bit later on . . ?) We “parked” 4349D in front of/by a very large tree in the beginning area of where the planes were parked. I have wonderful memories of Chicagoland Airport . ! . I can clearly remember my father radioing “rolling on 2-3” as we would begin to takeoff. The FBO being in an old house was also unique, at least to me . . .

Jay Siekmann