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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zion Dome Update

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the dome from the Zion Hotel (built in 1902) that was saved by local citizens in 1979 when the rest of the building was demolished.

Since my post, a Save the Dome Committee has been organized to fundraise money for the much needed repairs to the historic structure. The Committee was formed by Zion Commissioner Shantal Taylor and other concerned citizens.

Anyone interested in this preservation effort can attend the committee's next meeting on February 9th at 4 p.m. at Ariel Fitness and Nutrition, 2719 Elisha Avenue, Zion.

Looking south on Sheridan Road at the Zion Hotel, circa 1910. Dunn Museum. 

The dome is located at Sheridan Road and 26th Street, on the original site of the Zion Hotel. 

Update! On April 22, 2011, it was reported in the News-Sun that Zion Solutions has donated $40,000 to the city of Zion to restore the dome.

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Kathleen Fisel-Mendez said...

My grandfather lived there in the 70's at that time it was used by elderly. We sat on the balcony and watched the 4th of July parade.