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Friday, January 23, 2009

Diamond Lake Winter Fun

Lifelong Diamond Lake resident, Gordon Ray (1893-1987), wrote in his 1980 autobiography that winters were great fun when he was a kid. "Outside of getting wood, and cutting ice and doing chores there wasn't too much work to worry about. Outdoor activities included skating, coasting on sleds, sleighriding, rabbit hunting and fishing through the ice."

Gordon took this photograph in 1908 of classmates from the Diamond Lake Grade School, during a short break from their tobbagan sledding fun.

Just two years previously, Gordon had spent his savings on a camera. He wrote: "That was a real thrill for a 13 year old boy, and I quickly learned how to take pictures, to develop the films, and to print my own pictures."

The same school chums covered in snow. No doubt hot chocolate was waiting for them when they got home that afternoon.

The Rays had a farm on the east shore of Diamond Lake. The family became widely known for the Ray Brothers Resort which operated from 1906 to 1946.

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