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Monday, July 28, 2008

Rondout Train Robbery's Missing Loot

One of my recent posts was about the Rondout Train Robbery of 1924--the largest train robbery in U.S. history. The fact that $1 million was never recovered, out of the $3 million in cash, jewels and bonds that was stolen, has always intrigued me.

I've often wondered what would happen if someone found the loot which is believed to have been buried in glass mason jars somewhere in Lake County. Well, turns out that question may be answered in a somewhat similar case. An article published today by Matt Apuzzo and Alicia A. Caldwell of the Associated Press sheds some light.

Read Apuzzo's and Caldwell's story here: Buried Loot a Mystery for Authorities.

So, for any of you treasure hunters hoping to find the Rondout bounty... beware. Unearthed, decaying money will be regarded suspicously, if not downright sinisterly by authorities when trying to cash it in. Hmm, would they be opposed to it being donated to a museum for its historical value?

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